KGE Co.Ltd. CEO Pilyong Choi

KGE Co.Ltd. is a company that specializing in function food manufacturing,
introduced in the market in 2012 whereas promoting Korea’s ginseng and red ginseng. After the brand LAVIVANT was launched, It has received the love and support of the public through healthy and reliable products.


Today, we focus on Ginseng and Red Ginseng raw materials and finished products within the health functional food products, whereas growing the business. Furthermore, we are constantly striving to develop innovative products through creative and challenging research and development.


KGE Co.Ltd.’s Goal has always been your health. In order to deliver on our purpose, we maintain strict QC of our products, raw materials, production process. Healthy life is happy life. And in the process, KGE Co.Ltd. will be by your side.


KGE Co.Ltd. will

“always gift you with health and care.”