The Ginseng Saponin, Ginsenoside, is known to be an active ingredient that is broken down by microorganism in the intestines and after being absorbed by the body. According to the Korea Society of Food Science and Nutrition, the efficacy after ingestion is greatly dependent on the presence of microorganisms as well as individual’s characteristics that can decompose the saponin.


The fermented type of red ginseng comes with enzymes and yeasts that go above and beyond these subjective differences while absorbing saponin, in other words it has the capability to covert saponins into non saponins increasing its absorption rate.


It is clear how fermented red ginseng is much more effective even when consumed in much smaller amounts compared to the standard red ginseng products.

As a special medicinal plant, ginseng is originally from Korea and has been widely used for the recovery of physical strength, boosting immune system and so on. Various efficacies of ginseng have been reported by academic journals, however, main functionalities to improve immunity, blood circulation by inhibiting platelet aggregation, relive fatigue and improve a memory are registered on the KFDA. In the course of manufacturing red-ginseng, ginseng has been physicochemically converted and produced specific substances such as Rg3, Rh2, Rh1, etc. which have never been discovered in ginseng.


When people take red-ginseng, the most important ingredient of saponin (Ginsenoside) is not directly absorbed in stomach, but being absorbed into blood by the activation of germs in intestines and then show its medicinal effect. Depending on one’s dietary habit, number of intestinal germs may vary as well as the rate of absorption. It is known that about 20% may not be absorbed in intestines and such a person may be little effect even if red-ginsengs is taken.


Hence, currently we have developed a fermented red-ginseng that can be effectively used by such a person(Method for preparing enzyme-treated fermented red ginseng, enzyme-treated fermented red ginseng extract using the method and food composition comprising the extract). The red ginseng is made by fermented and enzyme-treated advance to reduce and improve the individual differences in absorption and for everyone to enjoy its benefits of red ginseng.

Ginsenoside Concentration(㎍/mL)
Red Ginseng Fermented Red Ginseng
Compound K 0 16.6
Rh2 21.6 148.8
Rh1 27.3 113.0
Rg5+Rk1 205.5 1849.1
Rg2 213.8 597.2
Rg3 82.9 911.7
Rg1 321.5 248.5
Rf 262.0 329.3
Re 1037.8 79.5
Rd 687.2 755.2
Rb2+Rc 2184.5 2410.3
Rb1 1632.1 1725.6